Online Sales Policy

Online Sales Policy

LA Formal & Prom is a Full Service Specialty Store retailer with a brick & mortar physical location where customers shop daily. When you place an order on our website we will treat you with the same care and respect that we extend to our in-store customers. Unfortunately, since we will not have the opportunity to meet you in person, you will not be able to receive the full extent of our passion for customer service. However, as an online customer please be assured that:

· We will do everything possible to make sure that your order is filled in a timely basis and that your shipment will arrive exactly when and how you expected.

· We will communicate with you personally after receiving your order BEFORE you are billed.

· We will address all important contingencies, including confirming that your item will be received in time for your wear date and that you have ordered the correct size based on the designer’s measurements.

· We stand behind this policy by extending a full return and credit policy if we ship you the wrong style, color, or size.

· We will issue a full credit if, due to unforeseen circumstances, your item cannot be shipped in time for your wear date and that we will inform you of this extremely rare occurrence in a timely manner.

No returns or credits will be issued for online purchases for any other reasons other than those indicated above. But have no fear; our passion is for customer service. We assure you that your experience ordering from us online can only be surpassed if you come to our store to experience our outstanding customer service in person.

Please note that the prices that you see on our website reflect the Designer’s Suggested Retail Price [MSRP]. The designers that we represent do not allow their collections to be displayed on a website for a lower price than the MSRP price that you see on our website. If you see a lower price on any other website for the exact style from the same designer than you can KNOW FOR CERTAIN that website is producing and selling counterfeit dresses or gowns of inferior quality and shipping them as originals.

The prices in our store are not necessarily equal to the price on our website. We accept orders online to give our customers the convenience of purchasing their dress or gown directly from our website without the time and expense that we incur when you experience our outstanding customer service in our physical retail location.

We do everything we can to keep the prices on our website accurate and consistent with what the designer is charging for each style at the current time. However, it is possible that there may be a price on our website that is simply incorrect or that may have been changed by the designer without our knowledge.

If you purchase something on our website that is determined to be listed with an incorrect price we will correct the price on our website immediately and we will contact you to inform you of the error. We WILL NOT bill you until you have been informed of the corrected price. At that time you will have the opportunity to cancel your purchase or process a new order for the corrected price, which will be reflected on our website. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we honor a price that is found to be incorrect on our website; this would be considered a breach of our agreement with our designers who do not allow their styles to be sold for a price less than their MSRP price.

Dresses purchased online are excluded from our school registry.

If you have any questions about our Online Sales Policy or your purchase please contact us during store hours so that we can address your concerns and answer your questions personally.

Thank you again for shopping with LA Formal & Prom